BILLING FOR Acuppuncture,Physical Therapy,Pain Management,Chiropractic

The ProEDI has significant experience and expertise in those specialty billing that can generate a major increase in collections for your pravite practice. Medical billers and medical billing services are the financial backbone of a previte practice. Those practices that do not have the right medical billing expertise can easily lose more than 30 percent of their practice’s potential revenue.
Our mission is to help you manage your Medical Billing Services for
Acuppuncture,Physical Therapy,Pain Management,Chiropractic Billing Services in USA. Submit a quote via our online form.

BILLING FOR Family Practice,Cardiology,Neurology,OB/GYN,Urology

ProEDI is extremely familiar with both specialty medicine, such as Cardiology, Neurology,Urology,OB/GYN and family practice billing. ProEDI has expertise in Cardiology, Neurology,Urology,OB/GYN billing. Whether you are a single practitioner or part of a large multi practitioner groups, ProEDI Medical Billing service will work together with your practice to recognize troublesome areas such as appropriate use of modifiers and procedures and will manage all facets of your practice billing, ensuring you receive proper and max reimbursement.

Psychiatry and Psychologist Billing Services

Mental health billing is much different than “typical” medical billing. It’s more time consuming and labor intensive. Many psychiatrists and psychologists struggle every day to get paid, when all they really want to do is care for their patients.

ProEDI has expertise and experience in the professional mental health billing service for psychiatrists and psychologists. We offer a complete package of services to manage your accounts receivable starting with verification of patient benefits all the way to appealing claims.


The ProEDI provides medical billing services for podiatry and dermatology practices and groups.Our medical billing specialists understand the specific coding and billing guidelines for all aspects of dermatology and podiatry medical billing.