About ProEDI Medical Billing Services

We don’t just provide billing services— we become your partner.

The ProEDI Medical Billing Service was founded with a distinct goal. We wanted to offer medical billing services that met physicians’true needs.

We understand those needs firsthand and strive to meet them everyday.You take care of your patients, let us take care of your billing! Our mission is to help you manage your medical bills, navigate the medical insurance system and facilitate the payment of your claims.

ProEDI Medical Billing service is a comprehensive medical billing services aimed to optimize the productivity of the private medical practice and increase revenue to the medical practitioner. All our services are high-tech and high-touch, enabling doctors and their teams to focus on exceptional patient care.


Most medical practices underestimate the costs of in-house staff salaries, benefits, high employee turnover, purchasing technology systems and inefficiencies in billing processes. Even when these services are outsourced, some outsourced providers have many hidden fees making it a non-viable option for small to medium size practices. ProEDI medical billing services provide a cost advantage vs. in-house and other leading billing service providers because our efficient processes, award winning proprietary technology and coding expertise. We work with you to optimize your collections – including identifying the most profitable procedures, reducing undercoding, payer comparison, marketing and patient communication support.
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ProEDI Medical Billing Services
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